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Green Business Certification – Seal of Good Practice

Green Business Certification: Green Workplace Seal of Good PracticeIn order to empower our clients with focused and meaningful goals, Green Workplace created the Green Office Champions Seal of Good Practice. This green business Seal of Good Practice is available free of charge to any of our existing clients who meet the eligibility criteria listed below, such as Clover Salon in Vancouver and Expedia CruiseShipCenters. New clients who have not already had a Green Workplace assessment but are interested in receiving the Seal can contact Green Workplace for assessment information and costs. Seal eligibility is verified according to the following criteria that includes developing a green procurement policy:


  • As part of a green procurement policy the majority of standard office consumables (e.g. pens, notepads, envelopes, folders, post-it notes) must possess verifiable environmental benefits over conventional office products (‘majority’ measured in total units)
  • all letter copy & printing paper must contain 100% post Consumer Waste (PCW)
  • Client must supply adequate reusable kitchenware and refrain from purchasing any Styrofoam cups, disposable cutlery, dishware, etc.


  • All procurement staff must demonstrate knowledge of green purchasing opportunities in
    accordance with the consumables criteria above
  • All staff must be knowledgeable on duplexing and paper reduction strategies
  • All staff must understand workplace recycling and waste diversion programs and opportunities


  • A comprehensive recycling program must be in place including: staff sustainability training
    and awareness of recycling procedures, well-marked blue bins in every kitchen (or on every floor)
    and a paper recycling box at every paper-producing work station
  • Client must have an office-wide household battery, ink cartridge and office electronics collection
    bin including end-use recycler in place; this is to be communicated to all staff
  • Explore feasibility of in-office compost collection program if not already implemented


  • All kitchen dish and hand soaps must have verifiable green advantages
  • All cleaning and janitorial products must be non-toxic; where the client does not employ the cleaning staff directly
    the client must make the cleaning staff company aware of its non-toxic policy.


  • Lighting: Clients must have majority high efficiency lighting (T8, CFLs, LED’s etc.)
    in place (majority measured in total # of fixtures) all exit signs must possess LED lamps
  • Implement or explore the feasibility of energy conservation measures such as occupancy sensors and
    high efficiency hand dryers in restrooms if not already implemented


  • Client must explore the feasibility of programs such as an employee ride-share program, public transit employer discounts
    or fuel efficient driver training, if not already implemented.


  • In addition to the communication requirements already listed, clients eligible for green business certification
    must email Green Workplace’s Sustainability Best Practices sheet to all staff. This helps ensure that
    sustainability training and green procurement policies are communicated throughout the organization.

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